Adult Programs and Ensembles


Solo Programs


"Songs by Heart"

Ideal for senior groups, this program includes stories and songs learned from Ross's grandparents, along with new and favorite sing-a-long numbers. Ross accompanies himself on guitar, accordion, and a variety of rhythm instruments.

"Scandinavian Songs and Tunes"

A selection of songs from Ross's Swedish heritage, as well as from Norway, Finland, and Denmark, accompanied on guitar and accordion. Ideal for cultural organizations or festivals. If you're interested in more information on Scandinavian traditions, visit my Swedish Song Games website.



 Ross & MacKenzie

 Ross and MacKenzie

Songs and Music of Scotland and Ireland, with Ross Sutter and Laura MacKenzie. Featuring two outstanding singers with guitar, bodhran, flutes, whistles, concertina, pipes - offering concerts and family programs. 

 The Sutter Brothers

The Sutter Brothers at Nisswa

When Ross teams up with his brother, award-winning author and poet Barton Sutter, they become The Sutter Brothers. Their thoroughly entertaining blend of music, stories, songs, poetry, and lots of laughter is inspired by their small town roots and Scandinavian heritage. Program choices include North Country Characters, Greet the Folks at Home, and more.


"Julglädje" A Scandinavian Christmas


This program is a delightful blend of traditional and fun seasonal music, dances, games and stories for all ages, ideal for churches, community centers, or cultural organizations. Ross Sutter is joined by a variety of musicians, storytellers, and dancers, depending on budget and program needs. Groups are also available for Swedish Midsummer celebrations. See my Swedish Song Games website for more information.

A sampling of our music is available here.