Kids Programs

Ross is a versatile and seasoned performer, equally at ease on a large concert stage or more intimate setting. His extraordinary rapport with children and beautiful singing voice make him an ideal entertainer for mixed-age audiences. As a solo act, Ross can provide a number of different programs.

Music Takes You Everywhere

Put on your traveling shoes and get ready to take a trip! With rollicking songs, stories and song games Ross will take kids on a train ride to a make believe town in California, a bus ride to an apple orchard in Minnesota, a horse ride across the fields in Sweden, a scary cruise on the ocean, and even a trip to meet the man on the moon! 

Strings Across the OceanStrings Across the Ocean

Ross is joined by Anders and Maria Larsson in a lively U.S./Sweden cultural collaboration that tells the story of a couple traveling from Sweden to America.  The show features a wide variety of instruments including string bass, accordion, limberjack, guitar, drum set, fiddle, nyckelharpa, recorder, and lots of singing!  To follow our activities please like us on Facebook, and view a sample of our show in English here: Strings Across the Ocean/Dockedansen English Version.

Toot, Tap, Strum: How Musical Instruments Work

Ross brings a carload of fascinating  stringed, wind, and percussion instruments to play and share with the audience. All ages will enjoy exploring what makes instruments work and making their own music. For an additional fee, workshops are available that show participants to how to build a simple stringed or rhythm instrument to take home.

A Scandinavian Midsummer

Celebrate the summer solstice the Nordic way. Ross will instruct participants in the creation of a midsummer pole and the traditional games, songs, and traditions that are such a vibrant part of Scandinavian culture. If you're interested in learning more about the Swedish song game tradition, visit my website

School Programs

One-String Dulcimer PlayersWith his degree in Music Education and nearly thirty years experience working in schools all over the Midwest and in Europe, Ross's school residencies are a lively excursion into diverse cultures, with an emphasis on student involvement. 

He sings, plays, and demonstrates instruments and teaches song games and folk dances, and has developed many programs that address specific learner outcomes and performance packages. He is prepared and eager to design special classes for your school. View current school calendar here.

Here are some program ideas to help you start planning:


Build a Musical Instrument: Build a dulcimer, limberjack, whistle, or other instrument and tie the process to learner outcomes in Science, Reading, or Math.

Song Games and Folk Dances: Learn singing games and dances from a variety of cultures


The Immigrant Experience:  Learn songs about American immigrants in a land full of joys and difficulties.