Ross’s instrument building workshops are a special treat for children, schools, and families. His popular one-string dulcimer and dancing limberjack building workshops are time-tested and always lead to successful completion and an instrument that will last for years. Developed twenty years ago as a way to introduce STEM concepts in elementary schools,  there have been almost 20,000 dulcimers made and played since then. If you have made a dulcimer in one of Ross's workshops you'll find instruction videos, music, and more information to help you keep playing and enjoying your instrument.

Dulcimers in the Classroom

Building the dulcimer

Some of you may already have a finished dulcimer, and you can go directly to the playing instructions below. If you have a finished fingerboard but need to add a sound box, follow the instructions here for completing your dulcimer.

Folding the Sound Box and Attaching the Fingerboard

Playing your dulcimer

Dulcimer Song Sheets